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How we provide value to our clients

Our Services

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Custom Software Development

Expert engineers and designers at your service

Our foundation is rooted in engineering and software development with over 12 years of experience consulting for big-name clients such as Google, Amazon Corporate, Expedia Group, and more.

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Business Strategy Consulting

We offer both tactical and strategic solutions to developing software that works. Learn how we apply Lean Strategy to minimize risk and recognize opportunities. Academia will teach one to build a thing right. We will teach you how to build the right thing.

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Education & Training

Advance your career with personalized lesson plans and one-on-one training.

Watheia Labs provides hands-on experience with bleeding-edge technology. Our lessons are all derived from real-world challenges faced in the adoption of new technology.

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"After many years an awesome developer has finally decided to step up and share the burden of bringing this plugin to its next stages: thanks [Watheia Labs] for your contributions, but above all, thanks for your enthusiasm and for reinvigorating the project!"

-- Robert Lo Giacco, Agileware Co-Founder

Our insights in business, technlogy, design and more.

Case Studies

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Deliver Features Faster

Disrupt the web monolith! Develop and compose modular apps together in a fast and scalable way, with an amazing dev experience at every step.

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Increase Customer Focus

A humanistic design process brings your customers to the forefront of the development process. Paired with our highly skilled engineering talent, we deliver products that provide the most significant impact for our clients and their customers.

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Do More With Less

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